Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eddie the Babysitter

I thought I'd post pictures that Kelly took today of Eddie being a good surrogate papa--babysitting Dunkin during weaning. Not sure too many 7 year old stallions would willingly accept the role as a weaning buddy, but then again Eddie is certainly one-of-a-kind.

At first Eddie just snoozed at the gate while Dunkin played with the dogs.

Then Eddie decided to come over and have a talk with Dunkin....

But Dunkin was more interested in playing (hey, human!!!).

So Eddie just continued watching from afar, to make sure Dunkin didn't get into more trouble than he could handle.....

Babysitting is thirsty work! Of course the dogs were thirsty, too, from all that playing :)

Thanks so much to Kelly for taking these great pics and for taking such wonderful care of Eddie!!

Finally, I want to send out my sincerest condolences to Sandra tonight for the loss of her outstanding paint prospect--a three year old red roan tobiano gelding that she had just recently been offered a great deal of money for. She turned it down because this horse meant way too much to her to ever be sold. Sadly he was struck by lightening this evening and died instantly. I am just so sorry, Sandra. I know he meant a great deal to you. Without a doubt you gave him a wonderful life--I hope you take pride in that and comfort in the fact that he was so well loved and cared for...

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Sydney said...

Oh my gosh thats scary being hit by lightning. A moment I had when I was young: I was in florida with my friend. There had been a big storm I think I was about 6 or so. Anyway a pony had been standing near a T-post in the field and lightning struck it and the ponies 4 shoes acted as conductors and long story short they could hardly identify it as a pony.

Sad, sad thing but you gotta let a horse be a horse I always say.