Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching Up

My sincerest apologies for my lack of posts. Seems like life has been a whirlwind since the storms came through, but I will try to get back into the saddle and get this blog going again.....

To catch up, as promised, some pictures after the tornado that went through Drexel last week. I guess some say it was straightline winds, but the damage just a couple of miles to the south certainly look like tornado damage to me. Not that it matters--it was a heck of a storm either way, and we were incredibly lucky not to have more damage than we did.

Here is a shot at 6 the next morning--there were about 4 news helicopters circling around Drexel and I had a full view up on our hill.

Here's a closeup in case you can't see the helicopter in the above picture.

We lost a few tiles off the roof and here is a piece of siding that came loose. When this sucker ripped off, I knew it was time to take cover!

The bird houses were all down. My neighbor (who happens to be my landlord's mom and is absolutely WONDERFUL to me :) got them all back up by the next day. The houses were full of baby chicks and despite all of them falling to the ground, only a handfull of baby chicks were lost.

This past Saturday I ran over to Painted Prairie Farm (my good friend Darlene's place) and picked up my roundpen. It is so nice to have it back! Unfortunately Paula, Fabian, and Bambi are all sick with what I assume is strangles--have no idea really how they got it but they are all quaranteened and finally, as of today, seem to be heading towards recovery. Anyway, once Paula is fully recovered I will be starting her under saddle. I can't wait!! She ought to be such a lovely rider!

So, the trip was fairly eventful. I took the wrong road to Darlene's place and it was a fight against all odds to get my truck and her trailer down that road without getting stuck, but after a few frantic phone calls I was able to get down the road before Dar had to come get me with the tractor! I would have taken pictures, but of course I didn't want to stop for fear of never getting down that muddy mess of a road!

It was fun seeing Dar's lovely horses and visiting. We got the roundpen loaded up and I headed to Hutchinson to have dinner with my Dad for Father's Day. It was nice seeing him. We went over to TSC so I could pick up a few items and said our goodbyes. I've learned this week to savor every moment with those you care about. It's so important not to take people for granted because you just never know what tomorrow brings.

I got back on the road and about halfway through, in Emporia, we stopped at Sonic for a drink. Well, I got the drink, but Sophie loves Sonic. She thinks it's so great how those carhops bring out all kinds of yummy things just for her!!

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