Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cameron and the Girls

The other day Cameron, Darlene's ADORABLE grandson, came for a visit. His Aunt Sarah took him around to visit the horses, and my girls gave quite a greeting.

They had just never quite seen anything like him!

Laramie had to brush her soft nose against him. He giggled. She didn't blink.

Dakota, who was used to the mini-humans having spent time with Sandra and Jennifer's super-cute kids, knew just what to do with Cameron:

She gave him a great big fuzzy horse hug.

Paula wasn't used to a mini-human, but she embraced him. Kisses are mandatory with Paula...

...and with Laramie, and with Peppy,

AND with Bambi, too!
Bambi just couldn't get quite enough. Cameron must be made out of sugar.

Bambi loves sugar.

She finally got some sugar!

Then Sarah went out the next day and got this terrific shot of Laramie that I also had to share.

She says she's going to get ready for show season, whether I have my act together or not :O

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Krazy Cindy said...

Adorable pictures! They really made me smile :-)