Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy S.A.D.

No, I'm not practicing my oxymorons--"S.A.D." stands for "Singles Awareness Day," otherwise known as Valentines Day!

I hope yours was great because mine was! And I'm not just saying that to compensate for some wretched feeling of longing or loneliness or some other stereotypical, tragic spinster media portrayal of single women everywhere who don't have a significant other on a day originally meant to pay homage to several martyred saints of ancient Rome. No home skillet, it really was a groovy day!

I woke up early. Sophie refused.

It was time to go to Equifest. Sophie wasn't invited so she slept in, but for me, it was worth getting out of bed early on a cold day!

I was especially excited to go because (insert drumroll here).....

I got my new show shirt!!!!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture, but you can see a picture--you just have to work for it. Go to the Hobby Horse Clothing website HERE. Scroll down down to the 4th shirt pictured--the black and white Marissa tunic. That's it--that's the one! I think (hope, believe) it will look pretty derned spiffy with Paula. We're closer than we've ever been to showing. I can feel butterflies already.

Oh boy.

By noon we were on our way back and I met Dad in Pratt for lunch then we dropped the Camry off for a tune-up. I got my truck back from him (he had borrowed it while his own truck was getting its own tune-up) and drove home, rested and played around a bit and then had a nice meal with Dar's family.

Now I ask you, what person would ever need to languish in self-pity for being single during a day like this? I may be hard-headed about some things, but this one is a no-brainer. I am one lucky gal, especially considering the first story in 1493 that describes the martyrdom of St. Valentine: he was beaten with clubs, stoned, and then when that didn't work he was finally beheaded.

Thank goodness life is a little easier for us single people nowadays. Whew!

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