Monday, February 1, 2010

Shields Family Hauling

In the midst of Eddie's issues I almost forgot to mention what an outstanding job Shields Family Hauling did with transporting Eddie halfway across the country yet again!

I can't recommend Tom and Jennifer enough. They gave every consideration to keeping Eddie as comfortable as possible, always putting his well-being first.

They were so forward-thinking with ensuring the best care for him that when they pulled into my dad's place, they unloaded Eddie in a spot where the ramp would be at the least angle possible, so when Eddie walked down the ramp, he had hardly any slope at all.

Really, what more could a person as for than to have strangers put that much thought into keeping him absolutely comfortable!!

If you need a horse transported please give the Shields a call. They are pros and the only haulers I trust to move a horse as important to me as Eddie is. I didn't even get a chance to brag on their pricing--they were incredibly fair with their prices. You'll find their link to the left--give them a shout and you won't be disappointed!

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tony said...

If I was you or anyone else I would think twice about using SHIELDS FAMILY HAULING, it has been posted on USHIP.COM that they have STOLEN 3 horse from someone they were shipping for. They also took about $800 cash from this woman. Also I looked SHIELDS is an ILLEGAL ANIMAL CARRIER and doesnt have the proper FMCSA AUTHORITY. They have NO DOT or MC NUMBERS so stay away