Sunday, January 31, 2010

A 'Little' Place to Call Home

Now that Eddie's ordeal is heading in a positive direction, I can think about some other things going on in my life, like trying to find a place to live!

There's a very small house out on my dad's property that is similar in size to the old Federal Schoolhouse pictured above. There's an article about a couple who purchased this lovely little place and restored it into quite a beautiful, albiet tiny, house.

It gives me a lot of ideas for the tiny house out at my dad's.

The upstairs is almost identicle to this house, at least in structure. Right now it's filled with dirty old boxes and a crumbling fireplace, but it certainly could look as cute and adorable as this little showplace does.

Even the stairwell is very similar. The stairwell in the little house at my dad's goes along the end wall and the window is rectangular rather than circular, but this sure gives a person a lot of ideas!

The floor is VERY similar!

In a house this small it's important to maximize every inch for storage. I love these little cubby-holes.

I'd even want to add on an adorable little porch like the one they restored below.

Now, I'm thinking, if two people can share a little space like this, then I can certainly live in one with two dogs and an antique kitteh, right?

Here are some other ideas I pulled off the internet:

I love, love, LOVE the backsplash here! Talk about adding color and depth to a room as usually utilitarian as a kitchen!!

This orange living/dining room below is to die for.

Warm, cozy, inviting and although it's very small it's not overly crowded whatsoever.

Here is a sample of the usual small-kitchen organization. I love the spotlights above. I think it makes the kitchen look like it could double as an art gallery!

I found this picture and immediately saved it. Having a dividing wall double as storage is simply brilliant.

I love this bathroom. It's old fashioned, small, and simple and it embraces all those things wholeheartedly.

I've had two people whose opinion I greatly respect point out that living in such a small space is probably not the brightest idea. I do tend to romanticize things and then realize later that other people (who are more level-headed than I) are right. I do have to say I love looking at these pictures, though, and I love the idea of having very little to clean, very little electric and gas bills and very little to pay for once it's finished.

It's probably all just a pipe-dream or really not a very bright idea to begin with, but it's really fun to gather the ideas, though!

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