Sunday, January 24, 2010

General Updates

Well, this is a boring post because right now I'm just in a waiting mode. Waiting for Eddie...

and waiting for his first foal of the year to be born.

Click on the image to go to Cupie's webcam. She's getting closer everyday!

I also updated Eddie's webpage. Click HERE to check it out!

He's delayed due to weather. They're stuck in Montana at the moment, but hope to be here Wednesday. Shields Family hauling rocks! They've really kept Eddie's well-being the top priority and that's all that matters to me. Click on their link to the left to get a quote to ship your horse!

In the meantime, I've unfortunately got to put up my new saddle for sale. It wasn't until I tried it out that I found out it's a 15" instead of a 16" as I was told. It certainly looked like a 16" and it's my fault for not double-checking, so nothing against who I got it from, but sadly it's not going to work for me. The stirrups were also cut off. I'm 5'8" and they are just a touch too short for me, so if you're a petite woman this saddle would really be perfect for you! Asking $600 obo(including pictured specialty stirrups and brand new backcinch. I would entertain trading it for a 16" saddle similar in quality, work, barrel or an older show saddle.

This is really a fantastic saddle. It is very nice quality and very comfortable if it would just fit me. Not sure what "bars" it has but it fits Paula perfectly and she has fairly low withers. It would not fit a high-withered horse.


Triangle A said...

Oh she had a filly, ediie is a dad again. I missed it. been watchin the mare on marestare for weeks now and I missed it.

Jessie said...

She had her when I was on a conference call. I had to try to concentrate on it while Thea and Timmery's husband were pulling hard. It was hard to keep my composure LOL! So glad all worked out well for a very big, pretty, healthy filly!!