Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy, Beautiful, Bountiful Day

Today was a pretty darned good day.

I got to actually ride Paula with my new saddle.

Picture is old, of course, but I'll get one sometime soon of her working. She's doing so well--she's learning to work off my legs now. The new saddle seems to fit her very well and she's learning to really focus on her work. Paula rocks.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Then JJ got his last dose of his Power Pac.

He's very happy, or will be tomorrow when I actually go visit him without sticking an inordinate amount of icky white stuff down his throat. Old pic again, but you've already seen the most recent ones. Then he got a good grooming and we started on his groundwork which right now just consists of him learning to lunge and some basic cues, but although we need to work on his work ethic a bit, he's a fast learner and very willing.

Then the best news of all, Shields Family Transport (formerly Double Bar T) called and Eddie is on their trailer, on his way home!

He's due to arrive the 22nd or so. I won't be getting any sleep until then.

I'm just warning you, in case these posts start to not make any sense.

Not that they ever really do.

See what I mean?

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Sydney said...

Yay so glad your boy is coming home. I bet you can't wait!