Monday, January 25, 2010

Eddie's first foal of 2010

Timmery named her Merlot, which I think fits!

She sure looks like an Eddie baby....

...thick, big, long, solid legs and those stockings and that blaze.

Momma is obviously sore, too. Poor girl.

What a pretty filly.

I'm so happy for Timmery, after all she's gone through, that she finally has this gorgeous girl. She's solid but AQHA eligible, so hopefully she can get her into those futurities she entered and show this pretty girl off!

This is also the one year anniversary of when I killed my back. I'm so glad there was something good that happened today--a new beginning of sorts! These things make me so grateful I can continue on with the horses, that Eddie will be home soon, and maybe in a couple of years we'll welcome an Eddie baby of our own again.