Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Week in Kansas City

There was a lot of work to be done in Kansas City, but I had a lot of fun, too. Here's a few pictures from my trip.

Other than the snow (oh, dear Lord there was so much snow), the worst part of the trip was having to leave at 5am. It was a good couple of hours before I saw the sunrise.

Sophie agreed--it was WAY too early to travel!

Charlie stayed with my dad and Sophie spent the week at Petsmart Pethotel. She got a very good report card, by the way. They said she was very sweet and very smart. I told them to take that dog back and go in there and get my Sophie!

Here's where I stayed. Not too shabby.....

I had a fantastic view. I'm sure with our corporate deal we didn't really get to pick out the rooms, but I completely lucked out and got the 27th floor. More on that view later....

I was in love with this chair. The picture does it no justice at all.

I thought about taking it, but it might have looked a little funny, me carrying this through the lobby.

We had a group event (call it team-building if you will) at the Lucky Strike Lanes in the Power and Light District.

(CC) Brian Solis.

The place was amazing!! I had no idea there was a bowling alley downtown! I loved the decor, too. I wanted this poster. I need this poster.

I would love to get a good camera one day where shots like this one would turn out, even if I turned the flash off....

The lanes were all so nice and new. It was a modern bowling alley that kept a retro feel.

I bowled two games over 100! I hadn't bowled in years and I tell you what, if you haven't bowled in years, don't bowl 5 games in a row. My arm still hasn't forgiven me.

I was the 477 total. Game three I started drinking water instead. Did you know wine turns bowling scores into golf scores? I had to find that out the hard way.

As I said before, the view from my room was amazing!

Then one morning I woke up to this.


Thankfully I didn't have to leave. All our meetings were in the hotel, and that night, since it was the only free night to myself, I splurged and got room service (no way I was walking to P&L in this stuff).

Fried cheesecake with raspberry drizzle and a side of chocolate dipping sauce. The only way it could have been more perfect was if it had been calorie-free.

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