Friday, January 1, 2010

Hey, Hey, Paula

It's been a while since I posted pictures of the horses. I know I need to embrace their fuzziness but it's so difficult to take pictures of them in the winter, when the summer pictures turn out so pretty, with their shiny coats, lovely green background, and shining summer sun.

Those were the days....

For now, though, I need to embrace the fuzziness. I need to accept the brown, leafless gloom of the trees, the beige-ness of the grass, and the constant state of gray that lingers on in the skies above.

Embracing the fuzziness isn't so difficult after all. Paula makes it easy.

I thought this was pretty cute. For some reason all the little dogs paid Paula a visit. She was perplexed by Bella, Darlene's adorable miniature dachshund. "Did something happen to that poor dog? She's awfully LONG!"

Then Sophie throws back a glance as they make their way.

Paula came over to the fenceline and gave me her best pose. Please excuse the big green spot. Just remember, she's 'Filthy and Fabulous!'

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