Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eddie's Baby Momma #1

Surprise! I actually got a bit of free time AND a computer during my week in KC and I have something quite exciting to share:

YOU can watch Eddie's first foal of 2010 being born!!

Now, I can't guarantee that Miss Cupie is going to foal at a convenient time. Most likely we'll all either be at work, or sound asleep, but it's still exciting to see her first foal ever, and Eddie's first foal of 2010 online at all times for the world to see.

Special thanks to Timmery Perez for setting up this terrific webcam!!!

**Edited-no one has entered the foaling contest, so I'm cutting it off for now. I can't afford a big prize so I guess it's not as fun to enter if there's not a big prize involved. Big prizes hopefully to arrive later on down the road (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause).

1 comment:

Krazy Cindy said...

Eddie had the easy part...

I am inexperienced with foaling (or even childbirth for that matter). I might hazard a guess when I have a chance to check out the mare (can't from work, damn government blocks). Most likely won't be able to see the live birth with dial-up at home :-(