Sunday, January 3, 2010

After 17 Years...

I finally have a well-made work saddle that fits me!

This Corriente barrel saddle is exactly what I need to start my horses with. Its got beautiful tooling, some nice additions like the wide stirrups and back cinch, and its got a deep seat and rough-out leather that really helps a person stick in the saddle (heck, I need all the help I can get right now)!

Thanks so much to Eden for the wonderful trade. I hope you find the trailer as useful as I will this saddle. It was a good trailer, but my heart is set on a gooseneck. See, I have this romantic notion of hauling Paula and Laramie to a show, having fun with them all day then camping out in my gooseneck trailer, showing the next day, coming home completely exhausted but happy as a clam. Of course my notions don't include the sweltering heat, dirt, or flies. If it did, it wouldn't be romantic now would it?

And yes, that's right--not since I was 17 have I had a decent saddle of my own. Wonderful people have let me borrow theirs and I've really appreciated it, but this is's all MINE (muhwahahahah!!!)!

Oops, sorry about that. Anywhoooooo...

I'm stoked but the saddle will have to wait a week before my big butt can try it out (won't it be grateful?). I've got to go to KC for the week for our business meeting, so the blog will have a temporary lull. In the meantime, please visit these terrific blogs:

The Pioneer Woman

This blog certainly doesn't need my recommendation, but I am absolutely hooked, so I must share. If you haven't stumbled upon this yourself please take a look. You will fall in love. I guar-an-tee. And by the way, any prizes you win--I want 10%. I think that's only fair....

Bitless Horse: Science versus Tradition

I love Sydney's blog. She has a TON of horse-sense. Sydney so eloquently manages to teach and entertain at the same time (I'm a bit jealous to be honest). She's informative without being preachy, and she's creative without being whacky. I don't know how the girl does it, but check her out. Just please remember where you started and come back and say 'hi' once in a while (you know--dance with the one that brought ya).

If you're in the mood for beauty, this is the blog for you. Everything about Jan's blog is beautiful--her photography, her graphics, her writing, and even her critters!

Krazy Cindy's blog is new, but very entertaining! Check her out and you'll be hooked--very fun frame-by-frame photography of her well-cared for, fun-loving critters!

My heart be still...I haven't had the chance to fully explore this wonderful, whimsical blog, but please check it out. I absolutely love whimsy, art, and (of course) horses, and here they are combined! It's like having my cake and getting to eat it too--without the calories.

While you're visiting these blogs, be sure to check out the Bearcat Bartender and make one of Alan's suggested drinks! Good drinks and good reading just go together, like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong. Yeah....

Have a great week, everyone! Those in cold regions, stay warm. Those in warm regions, you guys suck (just kidding...not really).

Love ya'all!


Sydney said...

Good to see you got your saddle. Thanks for featuring my blog as well. Even though I don't always comment (I follow over 30 blogs) I read your every post.

Krazy Cindy said...

Thanks for the plug! You might want to include a disclaimer or warning label of some type, though ;-)