Friday, January 29, 2010

Speaking of...

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has left caring messages concerning Eddie. I have some sad news, but first, let's try to look on the bright side. Eddie has come through hard times before, and if he's taught me anything, it's to enjoy life as much as you can, no matter what happens.

Speaking of enjoying life, Sophie always does! It was such a pretty day, as long as you didn't have to be outside or go anywhere!

She wasn't too sure about the snow, but stayed nice and warm in her sweater.

Speaking of a nice warm body, Marley doesn't seem to mind the snow at all. He doesn't understand why everyone is so bundled up! Just look at that lovely face.

Speaking of lovely faces, this is Bunker, an aussie mix that Darlene owns. She is probably the sweetest dog in the whole-wide world. She's quite fuzzed out here....

Speaking of the fuzz, Charlie and Marley are out on patrol, but they aren't quite sure how to get through the gate. They just look longingly, hoping someone will pay them some attention.

Speaking of longful looks, I got this shot of Paula and played around with it--I think it looks kind of cool in black and white!

Speaking of Paula, she's really been my rock lately. I'm seeing more and more that it was meant for me to have her. She gives me hugs now. It's a good thing, because I sure need them.

Here's another sweetie: Laramie. She's been so good out in the pasture. She's just not a complainer. I promise, sweet Laramie, you will have a place in a showbarn someday....

Speaking of sweeties, here's Dakota out all by herself. She does let me know she would prefer to be inside a nice warm barn.

She's doing fine, though. I think she's next in line for a Power Pac as her topline hasn't been as strong as what she usually is. Her legs are doing VERY well, though!

Speaking of Power Pacs, can you guess who this is?

This chunky butt is JJ! The Power Pac really worked wonders on him. I'm so much happier with how he's looking now.

And speaking of chunky butts, we can't forget about Bambi.

I had a hold of Sophie and Bambi wanted to check her out. They ended up hugging, silly kids. It's too bad, this was the best shot I could get. They were so cute.

Speaking of cute, or rather just one handsome dude, here's the man of the hour.

I spend some time with Eddie today, and unfortunately my heart is very heavy. I was with him for about 10 minutes and every 30 seconds he has to shift weight. He's in visible pain.

His knee is enlarged, which is expected to occur somewhat over time, but this has really thrown me, the significant change even since the last pictures I saw of him six months ago. His foot really effected his knee. This isn't swelling, it's calcification.

Although he lost a little weight on the trip he still looks pretty good overall. It's just his leg....

I plan on picking him up some bute tomorrow along with some ulcer guard to protect his stomach. Hopefully this will help keep him comfortable until his foot gets back into shape. I might get some supplements as well and see if that helps him. I'm just sick over this and tonight it finally hit me, this just might be the beginning of the end. I'm not ready, but I'll never be ready to say goodbye to this great horse.

I just keep telling myself to take it one day at a time and to remember the strength Eddie had to survive what he did years ago. Along with his inspiration and his daughter Paula's hugs, we'll deal with whatever the future holds.

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