Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Samson's Brother

I'm not sure how many of you know that Darlene (of Painted Prairie, the very kind lady who is housing me and my menagerie right now) was the one who brought Samson to me, when he was just a wee pup.

And he grew...

and grew...

and grew...

and grew!

Sadly Samson broke all our hearts when he was hit by the train that went through the surrounding property by my place in Missouri.

I miss him so very much, like many do. But in many ways, Samson is not really gone. He's in the hearts and memories of many people.

But wait a minute! Who's this?


Well, not quite... He's Marley, Samson's brother!

I thought when I came to live with Darlene and her family that seeing Marley would be bittersweet. I love him because he's my Boogie Boy's brother, but of course I was afraid that seeing Marley would make me miss Samson all that much more.

I'm happy to say that I love seeing Marley and being around him. I love how he sticks that huge head under my hand when I'm walking outside. I love how, when I bend over to pick up something, he takes that opportunity to make sure I've cleaned behind my ears (yeah, eww!!). I love seeing his big white, smiling, goobery face, and I love how he reminds me of how much I loved his brother, and how his short but full life will always be a part of mine.

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Sydney said...

Aww thats wonderful you get to see your boys brother. I bet they have the same sweet temperament.