Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He's Home!!!!

It was so good to have Eddie finally home today.

I've missed him so very much, and the sense of relief I feel is palpable. He is here. I can pet him, hug him, care for him and make sure he has everything he needs.

He's in pretty good shape. Megan fed him well before he left and made sure he had everything he needed. I appreciate her help more than she could ever know. Unfortunately she couldn't get one thing fixed that had been neglected for longer than she had been caring for him--his hoof.

The hoof wall (on the right) that Eddie exclusively depends on to support the entire leg has completely collapsed. To say I am disappointed is a massive understatement. I worked for years to get Eddie's foot in shape, to have a strong shelf of hoof wall to support his leg properly and now it is entirely gone. I have no idea how long Eddie's knee has had to bear the brunt of all his movement since he has no support at all, so I pray this hasn't caused him to break down sooner than what he would if he had had proper care.

Eddie stayed out at Dad's tonight because he was just too sore after the bute wore off to travel any more. I plan on taking my farrier tools with me tomorrow to see what can be done. I will update on tomorrow's blog.

If it wasn't for the disappointment of something as vital as his hoof it would have been a wonderful day. I also got my show boots for this season, a pair of black, square-toed Noconas. I've already picked out my show shirt--a teal tunic. Along with a black hat, chaps, and slacks, it should be a really nice outfit to show Paula in :)

Thankfully Eddie is a very strong boy. Dad called me late this evening to tell me Eddie has perked up and is wondering where his mares are! Keep fingers and toes crossed that I can get his foot back in shape and we can move on to more good times ahead!!

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