Saturday, January 2, 2010

More New Year's Eve Pictures

Here are a few more pictures that turned out kind of cute, so of course I had to share! This first one is of Peppy (Sarah's horse) and JJ.

"Did she bring you any food?"

Then there's Laramie. Can't forget this gorgeous girl!! She's having a good time just being a horse. She was enthralled with the woods behind the pasture.

"Got any food?"

While out in the woods, I saw a rare site--a whole herd of the illusive creatures known as Furrus Hineytus, better known as Fuzzy Butts.
Left to Right: Paula, Peppy, Laramie, and Bambi.

Another shot of Laramie's back end, while Bambi looks at me, curious. "Got any food?"

Swine horses.


Krazy Cindy said...

You know what's missing from these pictures? Snow. Lots and lots of snow. Hey, I know what, I've got plenty of it, and I'm feeling very generous. Why don't I just send it on down to you? :-P

Jessie said...

You jinxed us! I woke up to snow on the ground. Go bite your tongue, girlie girl! ROFL!!!

I tell you, I moved at just the right time! I guess KC has a ton of snow right now and we just have a dusting. I'm so happy not to be fighting the snow and wind up on that hilltop :))

Krazy Cindy said...

I didn't mean for you to get your OWN snow. I wanted you to come take away MINE!! ;-)