Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Horse's Last Laugh

There was an old cowboy from Leedey,
Who sought transportation more speedy.
So with some remorse, he sold his horse
And purchased an ATV Wheelie.

This steed had a ride most relaxing.
Its rough-ground gait was not taxing.
It did not hurt your back, your sacroiliac,
You were proud the coil springs were flexing.

It did not, like a horse, require catching.
Did not require horseshoes or brushing.
It needed no bridle, and it had its own saddle,
You just turned on the key and went driving.

This bronc could outrun any cow brute.
It never got tired, was most resolute.
It could help fix fence and if one had good sense,
You could herd your cows clear to the chute.

While checking his cattle out late
A neighbor calf came into sight.
He said, "With this steed and its good speed
I'll herd that calf back through the gate."

The calf was chased around like an elf,
They went off a steep hill like a shelf,
But the steed hit a ditch and then it did pitch
This monster on top of "himself."

They say that horse wrecks are expensive
But this machine caused hurts more extensive.
The Doc look him o'er, then tallied the score
of a concussion and broken ribs so sensitive.

Now the cowboy lies around on his bed
Just thanking the Lord he's not dead,
For while enjoying this steed which had good speed,
He wished he'd kept his horse instead!

~James C Taylor, 10/25/08

My grandma cut this out of the paper and sent it to me. I thought it was too cute not to share :O

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