Wednesday, February 24, 2010


With Spring fast approaching and taxes all wrapped up for the year, I've taken a second look at my business plan and am re-aligning some of plans to fit goals.

In other words, I've got to get my butt into gear!

So, just in case any of my readers are interested, I'm going to shamelessly put on my salesman hat and give ya the schpiel! If you see anything you're interested in, give me a shout! (And I promise that the sales posts will be few and far between).

First up, I need to sell this barrel saddle. I've found a show saddle suitable for open shows, so this must go. 15" Corriente Trophy Barrel Saddle, roughout seat and fenders, custom stirrups and brand new backcinch. I'm being absolutely honest when I say if it wasn't for my big butt this saddle would be going absolutely no where. I'm very impressed with the quality of this Corriente saddle and would definitely consider owning another (one that fit, anyway). This saddle would be perfect for training with its deep seat and roughout fenders. Asking $550 obo, will take paypal and consider trade for a 16" work saddle of equal quality.

Second (and third and fourth) I need to sell some horses. With Eddie being home and starting Paula under saddle, I just don't have the time OR money to promote everyone as much as I'd like. All horses are easy to catch and work with, load into a trailer, stand tied forever (regular or cross-ties), stand great for the farrier, clip, bathe, used to being blanketed, UTD on all care, and will be used to the vacuum by sale time. I will trade one of these horses for the right broodmare or broodmare prospect, but can only trade one. I can only train one foal at a time (I will never have 5 yearlings again!).

I've selected Dakota to put on the sales list simply because she doesn't fit into my double-registry breeding program and she's also Eddie's foal, so I obviously can't breed her to him (well, I technically could, but SO not a good idea!!). You may recall that Dakota had some epiphisitis issues but they've cleared up so well that if I hadn't mentioned them no one would ever have known. She's sound, healthy, and ready to start a career! She's also about the sweetest horse EVER, which is why it's so hard to sell her. Asking only $1000 obo.

She makes me so happy with her adorableness.

Is that a word, "adorableness?" Well, if not, it should be one. Just for Dakota.

Then I've decided just over the last couple of days to put Laramie up for sale. I've been really tore as she's really going to be a great show horse. She fits up so easily for halter yet she has good enough movement to show under saddle as well. She really is the whole enchilada. The reason I have decided to sell her is that she was my one broodmare prospect to cross with Eddie and her test came back OLWS positive and so is Eddie, so it's a no-go. I just can't properly take care of a large number of horses at the level that I like to, so Laramie needs to go to make room for a filly that I can show AND eventually breed to Eddie. Asking $1500 since she's in pasture shape--definitely not a reflection of her worth!

Come see will fall in love. I gair-uhn-tee.

JJ is also on the sales list, just for the simple fact that he's a gelding, but he is the higher-priced one and I won't be giving him away. He's incredibly talented. Then add onto that how dang easy he is--I'm going to be working on getting him into the show ring! I had earlier dismissed JJ as a trail prospect, but in working with him and really watching him, as he grows he has become a VERY cute little mover. He's always had a lovely, easy-going lope but now as he's building up with training his trot is as smooth as glass. He's show material and is in training for it. If you want to pick up where I've left off, then contact me!

For more info, please go to my website under the Links to the left: "Rose Valley Ranch." If you're still reading, thanks for sticking with me through this sales presentation. Too bad I can't offer you a free lunch to go along with it! :~)

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