Friday, November 13, 2009

Almost Moving Day

Moving is not on my top ten list of favorite activities, if you can imagine.

It places much lower on the list, amongst dentist visits, cleaning the litterbox, and reading The Heart of Darkness.

But, like all those things, this is something I have to do, so might as well get 'er done!

Dad is coming up tomorrow to move all of my sister's stuff into storage and then he'll take a load of fencing back to his place and store it for me until I find a nice little place out there for me and my critters.

This is the only picture I have of my dad on my computer right now. Everything else is packed up, so this picture doesn't make much sense other than hey guys, that's my Dad.

Although he didn't know I was taking this picture, he never smiles in pictures--ever. Even at my wedding. Even at my graduation. Even when I make him a banana cream pie (his favorite dessert in the whole world)...still, no smile in pictures.

So while he doesn't look like very much fun in pictures, he's really a blast. Seriously. We sometimes call him "Bugs." He used to end all his jokes with "this Bud's for you." He used to throw road apples at us girls after we sprayed him with the hose while watering the horses.

Now we just call each other with the lousiest jokes we can find. I'll get a call while I'm at work,

Me: Hello?

Dad: What did one casket say to the other casket?

Me: I don't know, dad....

Dad: "Is that you, coffin?"

Me: Goodbye, Dad.

Then I'll call him up, right as I'm walking to my car after work.

Dad: Hello?

Me: Did you hear about the guy that got cut in half?!

Dad: No?

Me: It's ok, he's all right now.

Dad: Goodbye, Jessie.

So, I'm looking forward to his visit, even though we're doing something not-so-fun (moving). I really appreciate all his help, and in two weeks I'll owe my first born to him and the Worthingtons both! I don't think I've ever felt so guilty (for having so much crap) and so blessed (to have these great people willing to help me) at the same time!

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