Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moving, Part I

Saturday was the first day of moving. Actually, instead, I should call it my sister's moving day, but Dad and I moved the stuff I was storing for her up to KC and put it into a storage unit her boyfriend, Jeff, had rented.

My sister was at work, so Jeff asked if we wanted to do anything. Dad said, "Let's go have a beer!" Dad's not a big drinker. He has a beer a year. So, when Dad says he wants a beer, we go get a beer.

Not far away from the storage complex was a pool hall. We got three beers and sat down at a table near the ping pong tables.

Dad and us kids have played ping pong as long as I can remember. He's a pro, at least to us.

Now we've got Jeff broke into the family customs as well...

I took these on my phone, so sorry for the poor quality. Jeff isn't this blurry in person.
Would be weird if he was, though!

We also played pool. I can remember going with my dad on his oil field routes, before I was even in kindergarten. We'd stop at these bar and grills in these small towns and eat lunch and we'd play pool. The people at these places always knew my name, sort of like a western Kansas version of Cheers.

I didn't know anyone, though, because I was like...5?

We also ate at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ. I've lived in Kansas City a total of 6 years and I have never been to Oklahoma Joe's, so it was about time...and I'm sure glad we did! One thing I will miss about Kansas City is the barbeque, but my waistline sure won't....

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