Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Morning Commute

First of all, don't try this at home. You probably think I mean taking pictures while driving, but I actually mean driving 100 miles a day to work and back home. It stinks!

The first part is the most difficult, though, when I back out of the driveway I have to see these sad eyes.

Don't see them? Well, here's a closer look...

Then Tuff, who isn't even my dog, gives me a guilt trip, too!

The horses are happy, though--they're still eating breakfast and don't even bother to look up as I drive away.


This part holds a lot of mixed emotions for me. First, fear that the train will come through without honking (it's done it before and nearly hit me). Second, I always think of Samson.

Makes for a pretty picture, though...

This place is as pretty as a picture as well. They have some very nice looking horses, too, but they weren't out this morning.

This place is lovely as well. While I'd never want any house this big, I love to look at places like this and see just what kind of elements I could do on a much smaller scale. The landscaping on this one especially....

So, I get on the highway and on my way....

Sorry about the dirty windshield. Ugh!!

After about 30 minutes I hit the very south edge of Overland Park.

The merge onto I-35 is hell, but this little guy seemed to think it was pretty exciting!

About an hour into my drive I'm at the southern edge of downtown Kansas City....

If my windshield was cleaner you could see the skyline better!

The camera is sure good at picking up every bug gut.

Ah, there's the skyline with those power/light thingy bobbers. The actual Power and Light District is east of those.

Once on I get on this ramp here it's smooth sailing--there's never any congestion on 670 West.

This overpass is like my own little sign--almost there!

This is the 12th street bridge. It takes an Army vehicle to navigate it, but they're finally working on it. I used to take it when I lived up north (and I'm sure glad I don't have to take it anymore).

There's my building!

It's actually not mine, but you know what I mean.

This area is kind of sad. There are always guys sleeping down here and begging. I didn't want to point the camera at them so I shot past them, but it's a usual thing to see sleeping bags spread out down here.

It sure makes a person thankful for what they have.

This little "mountain" is burned off every spring and the building makes a big deal of it. It also fills our office with smoke, which isn't all that much fun.

It sure goes up in flames fast, though!

Believe it or not, there are actually horses pastured in the West Bottoms (area directly west of downtown). They're owned by the guy who owns the building.

Finally here!!

Not exactly the most interesting topic for the blog, but in a way I did this post for me, too.

To remind me NEVER to arrange things were I commute 100 miles a day again!! :)

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