Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dream a Little Dream...

Today I packed up my cubicle and hauled out everything I needed to telecommute out to my car and it FILLED my little Honda to the brim! It's crazy that one person needs that much stuff just to do one's job, but I am thankful that work is allowing me to take my work computer with me (which is still on XP and works so much better than my home computer that I stupidly upgraded to Vista), my two monitors (you haven't lived until you've done v-lookups in excel on two side-by-side monitors...my life is now complete), and a new printer/scanner copier that apparently can print via a wireless connection if I ever get one set up.

I am so completely thankful to my employers for giving me the opportunity to do what I love, where I need to live. I can't imagine why they'd go all out for me like they have, but I'm sure not going to question it! I really do enjoy my work--it satisfies my analytical side and I'm always being asked to take on new roles and projects, so it stays exciting and new. Plus it makes me feel like the $60K I spent at KU Law is being put to some use!

Anyway, for the time being I'll stay with my wonderful friend Darlene Worthington at Painted Prairie Farm until I can get some things squared away. I am truly blessed to have people like Darlene in my life. I hope I can be of some help during my stay and I am really looking forward to the fun we will surely have!

I am also looking forward to the future as well, thinking about what I want to aim for in regards to a permanent place to kick off my boots and hang my hat. Fortunately I might be able to get a small piece of land in central Kansas, close to my friends and family. I've considered moving everything from a park home to a small house from the nearby town (there are some very cute ones that sell for $20K or less there). Of course this is years down the road, but it's fun to plan, isn't it?

Well, last night I got a packet of information from Morton Buildings in the mail and I think I know what to ask Santa for Christmas. Do you think it will fit in my stocking?

OK, no wisecracks about my big feet!!

This would be perfect situated on that land and perfect for my own situation as well! I would make a few small changes but this is very close to what I need.

I would need it to be 4 stalls long instead of 3 and I'd put all 4 stalls on the back side with runs instead of an overhang. On the front I'd have a front door and windows instead of stall doors. On the front side, inside, would be a mud/utility room in the middle with the door to the outside (the "front door") and a door into the barn. On one side would be the quite small feed and tack rooms and on the other side would be a large grooming area/wash rack. I'd have a hot water tank in the utility room big enough for my washer, and the wash rack both downstairs and piped up to the bathroom and kitchen upstairs.

Upstairs I'd have two small bedrooms where the dormer windows are. The main living area would be an open kitchen/dining/living room and at the very end of the upstairs apartment would be a small office with big glass french doors so the whole apartment is lit from end to end straight through and I'd leave the ceiling vaulted for as much air and light as possible.

But I haven't thought about it or anything.... :)

It would be quite small but that's what I want--I want to spend time with my horses and not cleaning house all the time! I want to spend money on my horses and not on heating/cooling my house. I am hoping if I am really smart at doing some of the work ourselves and leaving the entire place very basic it might actually be affordable??

Well, I've got some time and will continue to gather ideas to try to create a permanent, affordable place for me and my critters. It's fun to dream, though--right?

Speaking of dreams, I thought I was in one tonight with this sunset....

I will miss the sunsets up here on the hill, but Toto, I think it's time to go back to Kansas.

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