Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Oh, rest in peace, dear flat tire number five of two-thousand and nine.

I will always hold fond memories of you first going flat when Dad was here, inspiring him to buy me a portable air tank as a belated birthday present, then airing you up and believing you were miraculously healed...

...Until tonight, at least, when you blew out on 69 highway in total darkness, in the cold drizzle. I cursed your name into the night as my heels sunk into the mud along the side of the road. I sang the praises of your fully-inflated comrads as I finally pulled into the driveway.

And Saturday you'll be fixed.

Or you won't, and you'll be replaced, just like the four that went before you.

So rest in peace dear tire number five, while I log into Ameritrade and buy 10 more shares of Goodyear!


knoyes said...

Oh crap! Gotta love stuff like that don't ya? I am fearing the day that my truck has a flat...I am not sure I am strong enouogh to change it, so we will hope for some helpful young (cute) guy to stop by. I think you need to repair this one just to prove to it that you can win. Actucally I think I need new tires before the ice or snow falls and that will mean floating a national debt size loan, bummer!


Jessie said...

Well, just in case that cute young guy doesn't come by (one never stopped for me, dern it LOL), if you have emergency roadside service added onto your insurance (only costs about $3 every six months) it pays for labor to call someone to come out and change a tire. Definitely worth it! I have the coverage, but didn't want to wait that long on someone...

Oh yeah, ouch! I sure wouldn't want to buy tires for the cherry bomb!!