Saturday, November 21, 2009


In a week I'll be residing in a new place.

This means right now I've got quite a "to-do" list. Thankfully I managed to get a lot of it done today!

New tires for the trailer:

Hauled hay and water (while the girls watched):

Got the civic worked on and the tire changed out on it (the picture has nothing to do with this errand--just Charlie looking very cute :)

And got the recycling hauled into town (Bambi was fairly impressed. Either that or she thought I had food. Yeah, probably the latter....)

I also got one of the stalls taken down and all the bedding scooped out--just four more stalls to go! The house is almost packed completely up as well.

We're well on our way!!


knoyes said...

Your move is much more daunting than mine, I only have to go 100 feet, but man it is an undertaking. I am using it as a time to dejunk! My brother always says "When in doubt, trash it out" and I am using that theory. Also getting rid of all of Brian's things that aren't meaningful, surprisingly that is not hard for me.

Sorry I have been MIA, sort of busy again, never wonder if I am here for you when I go missing, I am. I sure hope that the move continues to go alright for you.

Jessie said...

Oh, no worries at all! Things are very hectic (and exciting) for us both! We will definitely catch up when we get settled in at our new places :)

I've taken about 3 FULL car-loads to the goodwill and still have way more junk than any one person ever should! LOL!!