Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Sun

A person couldn't ask for a prettier day out today! I took advantage and got some things taken care of outside, to get ready for our big move.

First things first, though. I told the kids if they were good today they could have a treat.

Did you say "treat?"

Seriously, treat?


More, please.

If you really loved us, you'd give us another....

But it was back to work for me. Although the horses had the entire back pasture to themselves now that I took down all the cross-fencing, they still looked longingly as I took down the turn-out area.

Paula is more filthy than fabulous these days.

The girls walked the fenceline...

...while JJ decided to sneak under the fence and into the turnout area--twice! I let him hang out for a while, but made him go back in with the girls. He can supervise from afar.

I got quite a bit of fencing taken down. I now have a bucket of insulators....

By the time I finished I had doubled the size of this pile of t-posts.

And the turn-outs were no more.

I also got all the fencing taken down on the south side of the house.

Needless to say after pulling up all those t-posts by hand, my back is pretty sore and I'm feeling tired (in a good way). I thought I'd treat myself to one of my favorite recipes tonight:

Ginger Steak Salad

(photo by The Pioneer
Click on the picture to go straight to the recipe. It's delish!!!!


knoyes said...

And there is my Sophie fix, they are both so sweet. Okay, no off to look at the recipe for that wonderful looking salad!

Jessie said...

As soon as I can get things straightened up around here (looks like the packing tornado went through LOL) I have a special post planned for the Sophster. I'm so happy she brightens more than just my day. I always thought that Layla sent me Sophie to keep my spirits up--she always went above and beyond!! :)