Thursday, November 5, 2009

Special Delivery

My Valley Vet order came in the mail today.

I didn't order a kitty. Maybe it's a perk?

Just kidding! That was actually Cartman a few years ago. He was a big ole Maine Coon cat that we had. He lives with Spencer (my ex) now. He got too pissy with my 11-year old baby kitty Harley, so they had to be seperated. I haven't exercised my visitation rights lately but have heard he's the same ole same ole big fat comical bully he always was.

Anyway, I did get my shipment of vaccines and wormers for all 5 of the kids. The plan is (and I stress plan here because we all know the saying about best-laid-plans...) to take advantage of this gorgeous weekend and give all 5 of the horses their vaccinations, wormer, trim feet and baths (probably the last of the year).

Their feet aren't due yet but with the big move in three weeks, I might as well get them caught up and not have to worry for a bit. I will try to get some pics taken for those of you interesting in my trimming posts.

A few are overdue for vaccines and this will be early for others, but this way they'll all be on the same schedule for a change. I'm a couple of weeks behind for Ivermectin, but better late than never I suppose. My car repair bills killed me, so unfortunately I got a tad behind. After the move I'll get back on schedule with the pyrantel pamoate.

So, it should end up being the horses' day of health and beauty. They'll be pissed, I'm sure. I personally would love a day of beauty--a facial, message, and a pedicure would tickle me just plum to death, but you remember what I called the horses yesterday, and it'll be just as true this weekend, I'm sure:

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