Thursday, February 19, 2009

Belated Dips*it Idea of the Week

I little late and my next post will explain why, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this week's Dips*t Idea: The idea that a trainer is not responsible for what goes on in their barn.

See Cleve Well's statement:

No where in that statement did I see an apology from Cleve to Nicole Marr and her father for the condition of their horse. As owners of this horse, they had every right to pursue every venue available to them and I believe they did the right thing. I don't feel sorry for Cleve one bit that he was visited by the SPCA and the local DA. This statement clearly shows that Cleve has no remorse whatsoever for what happened--only that it became public and he had to cooperate with the authorities. I know it says he only rode the horse once, but I don't care if he had never even seen the horse before, the horse was in HIS barn, on HIS facilities, and these were HIS clients who trusted HIM that their horse was receiving the training they paid for and was properly cared for, which the photos clearly show he was not.

Is it too much to ask to say "I'm sorry for what happened?" Evidently so.....

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