Sunday, February 15, 2009

Items Needed

I thought I'd post the items I'm looking for just in case someone knows of any deals out there:

2 horse trailer--prefer gooseneck but will purchase bumper pull if the price is right. Above all else, the floor MUST be solid. I prefer that the boards run the length of the trailer rather than the width, and it must have solid steel supports underneath. Everything else is negotiable :)

Riding lawnmower in good running conditon.

Good working saddle, 16" with full skirt, and needs to fit some wide-backed, low-withered horses. I've been offered one to borrow so it's not critical like the lawnmower is, but I've noticed some really good deals on saddles, so if I can find a nice one for a good price I'd like to get one.

Other items: stall mats, groom vac, portable groom vac, clippers (all sizes), yearling show halter (Kathy's quality). Unlikely but cool to have items would be a hot walker or treadmill.

Just send me an email or comment if you have or know of any of these items for sale reasonably. Thanks!

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