Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Plan

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."
~Peter Drucker

While I'm laying here in a sort of forced reclusion my thoughts often drift over to the horses, and my excitement about the upcoming year. Plans often change, but as of today, here are my plans for each of my horses in 2009:

Filthy N Fabulous, aka "Paula"
2006 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Gray Overo Mare
by Hustlers Fabulous Too
out of Larry Silver Lady (by AQHA WC Dirty Larry)

Paula has fully recovered from the awful leasing situation she survived. I plan on starting her ground work as soon as my back is fully healed. She is very calm and easy-going and has had a lot of handling, since I've owned her since birth, so she should be pretty easy to break out. I plan on training her for Western Pleasure and she will also be used to pony my halter horses. If she does well with her training she may be entered into the Five Star Futurity in September.

Name Pending, aka "JJ"
2008 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Stallion

by Hustlers Fabulous Too
out of Solomons Reward (gdau of Sonnys Securitee)

JJ is often called a "moose." He is a very big colt, particularly for an April 1st baby. The second thing everyone comments on is JJ's intelligence. His dam has almost a human quality to her actions so it doesn't surprise me at all that JJ seems to be above average in this area. I truly hope he's above average in all areas--I have been waiting for a colt like this for a long time. He is correct, has the size that today's show ring demands, and has the conformation to be a true all-round prospect. No, he won't win the world in halter, but he very well could go on to carry on his grandsire's legacy of APHA Champions. Yes, my hopes are high for this "little" guy, but part of the fun is dreaming big, isn't it? :) Anyway, JJ is currently learning the ropes at Painted Prairie Farm, thanks to the generosity of my good friend Darlene and her fabulous girls Sarah and Stana. When I recover from my back problems I hope to bring JJ home and continue his excellent start. He'll be put into a fitting program not so much as a halter prospect but just to get him on the right track as a great all-round horse. I will assess his abilities as we continue his training and conditioning.

Beyond Fabulous (pending), aka "Bambi"
2008 APHA/AQHA/PtHA Sorrel Solid Mare
by Hustlers Fabulous Too
out of Cilla (double bred Obvious Conclusion)

Bambi is also fully recovered from having to be rescued at 2 months old. She also received a wonderful start to her training at Painted Prairie Farm. Bambi is an amazing filly. To think that someone thought she wasn't worth the tiny bit of extra time and money to get decent feed for this magnificent horse! Thank goodness, once again, that Darlene and her daughters could come to her rescue. I bred Bambi and am extremely proud of her. She has beautiful conformation, a willing and fun temperament, and so much promise. Since I work full time and already have plans for Paula and JJ, Bambi will be allowed to grow up and have some fun just being a horse for a while. Next year I will definitely break her out and we'll see what the future holds. I plan on keeping Bambi--she is an ideal mare to carry on her daddy's legacy.

A Fabulous Choice (pending), aka "Fabian"
2008 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Stallion

by Hustlers Fabulous Too
out of Goldseekers Choice (by APHA WC Bold Dancer)

"Fabian" had a fabulous start thanks to Barry and Linda Cole of Topeka, KS. He's a chunk of a colt--as wide as he is tall. He's got a good mind and is put together right. Fabian will be gelded early this spring and be allowed to grow up with the girls before he starts his training as an all-round show horse. Fabian has a very easy-going temperament and I think will be perfect for youth APHA and PtHA shows. As he grows he will be trained in a variety of events and I eventually hope to find him the perfect show home, but I'm not in any hurry--he's a keeper and will certainly be talented and a lot of fun to show.

Ex Coosa Mia First (pending), aka "Baby"
2008 APHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo Mare

by son of APHA Superior Halter Horse Kootenai Wildfire
out of Coosas First (gdau of Coosa)

This isn't the best picture of this beautiful little girl, but it captures a lot of her spirit. She's incredibly sweet to work with, but she'll fight any horse on the place for her feed and win, but she's by far the smallest one in the bunch. It's not her fault, though--Baby was thrown away by a breeder who bought her dam and decided he didn't want to feed her enough for a nursing foal, too, so he sold her to a horse trader who is the same person who starved Bambi down to near death, so Baby obviously didn't get the extras she needed as an early-weaned foal there, either, but thankfully Darlene Worthington once again came to the rescue and purchased Baby for $100. I wouldn't have blamed her for leaving her, but her sweet face was irresistable and I'm so glad she did save her. Since Baby and Bambi were such good friends at Painted Prairie Farm it was only suitable that they stay together when I brought Bambi home. Baby is very well bred and while she'll always be on the small side, she has caught up to be a normal sized foal and may very well be able to show in local open shows when she grows up. She should be a lot of fun to have around. For now she'll spend her days out on pasture growing up with Fabian, Bambi, and Laramie.

NSN Momma Tried, aka "Laramie"
2008 APHA/PtHA (pending) Sorrel Overo Mare

by Superior Halter Horse
VJM Rumor Has It
out of Ebony Connection (point producing dau of AQHA WC Illusive Connection)

I have always been a big fan of "Bubba's" (VJM Rumor Has It) and always wanted one of his foals. Well, I've been trying to keep my numbers down to a manageable level as much as possible, so when his owner, Kim Noyes, offered me one of his babies in exchange for giving her one of my broodmares, it was very hard to turn down. I only wanted Mercedes to have a great home with someone who'd appreciate her, and Kim treats her broodies so well that I think in my next life I'd like to come back as a mare in Kim's broodmare band LOL!! When I got Seeker back it was clear she wasn't happy being out of her usual herd of broodie's so I once again called upon Kim to see if she was interested in Seeker and thankfully she was! This time, though, I could not resist the call of a Bubba Baby, so Kim sent me Laramie. This filly is bred to the hilt, is big and beautiful. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to see her yet due to my back issues. Maureen Hunt of Hunt Paint Horses is caring for Laramie until I can get up to Nebraska and pick her up. I can't thank Kim and Mo enough for all their kindness and help through this ordeal, and I can't wait to get better and pick up Laramie! Laramie will grow up with Baby, Bambi, and Fabian while my time is spent training JJ and Paula, but I'm sure, from what I've heard, she will be a rising star very soon!

Thanks again so much to all my wonderful friends and family, for their encouragement and support through what seem like endless trials. I can't believe how much everything has turned around in the last year and that I'm now able to have my horses at home with me once again. The future looks very bright and promising and I can't wait to spend it with my fabulous horses, my spoiled dogs, and my wonderful friends and family!! :)

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