Saturday, February 28, 2009

From 60 degrees to blizzard....

It wouldn't be KS/MO without a late winter blizzard. Poor MBJ just can't catch a break. She has a windbreak and waterproof blanket, but since I got hurt and don't have my stalls done there's no way to bring her inside--they aren't lined and the floor is covered in rocks, unfortunately. I'm making her some warm beet pulp mixed with her grain that she'll hopefully eat up and keep her warm. This weather is so aggravating...

In the meantime I thought of something useful to post and something I'd really like feedback on. I set aside a bit of my tax refund to buy some of my fitting and show supplies and was happy to find most everything I needed online. So I thought I'd share the products I especially like, with links, and hope people who read this will email me their favorite products to share on this blog as well....
Scar Sof-E:
This product isn't for fitting but it will decrease the appearance of old scars and make large scabbed areas heal incredibly quickly. I found it when I was down in Texas. I was brought a 16H two year old stud, a son of Mr Yella Fella who had ran through a fence a few weeks previous to his arrival. His wound was a mess--it was a large scabbed area that threatened his show career. My employer had a vet come in who specialized in these kinds of large wounds. She would usually use stems cells (basically placenta) to encourage the wound to heal completely and end up with very little scarring, but when she came out she said the wound was too old for that treatment to work, so when I was out getting supplies I picked up a bottle of this Scar Sof-E to try. It worked soooo well!! I would basically rub it onto his wound until the scabs came off, revealing the new pink skin underneath. I would do it everyday and it encouraged the wound to heal completely and cover with hair--he barely had any scar whatsoever. Plus, it was cool and soothing, so although he hadn't been handled much he actually looked forward to me putting this creme on his leg, even though I was sloughing off the scabs (which couldn't have felt very good). This is very good stuff!
Pepi Coat Conditioner:,143_World-Champion-Pepi-Coat-Conditioner.html
This stuff will really bring out the shine on your horse. Spray on just before entering the showring for a professional, finished look. Just don't spray on your horse's back or girth if you're showing under saddle later! LOL
Pepi Shine On Natural:,143_World-Champion-Pepi-Coat-Conditioner.html
Back in my POA days we'd use baby oil to put the shine on eyes, nose, and ears, but it was messy and didn't last long. This stuff is great--it's much easier to apply and looks great for hours--no need to reapply between classes.

I LOVE this stuff for tails! I always use it as part of my grooming routine (when fitting horses). It not only makes the tail manageable, shiny, and soft, but it also prevents breakage, which is so important when encouraging those tails to grow nice and long and thick!

Another cool thing I learned that seems so obvious now--shop towels. If you go to an automotive store, or the automotive section of Walmart, they have packages of terrycloth towels for sale--I think I bought 13 for $6. They are the perfect grooming towels. They are just the right size for wiping down legs, cleaning faces, drying, etc. Plus, they are cheap so as they get stained and worn out they are easy to replace! They are also great to wash along with brushes--just dump all into the washing machine. The towels will keep the brushes from knocking too hard into the drum....
I've also been told (but haven't tried it yet) that instead of spending $600 on a grooming vac, just use a shop vac. I have one I'll be setting up and I'll try to remember to post if it works or not. Of course the only one I have that has been vaccumed is Paula, so she'll have to be my test dummy until I get the others broke to it! LOL
So let's hear it--what are your favorite horse-products? Send me an email or comment, preferably with links on where to buy this stuff and I'll post for everyone to see!


knoyes said...

When Jess was showing quite a bit, she had a one gallon shop vac that did quite well, I am sure not like the real deal, but was easy to use, did a good job and only cost 27.00 I think.


knoyes said...

I think it worked!!!!! I am sooooo puter stupid that I have tried all this time and I think I finally did it! Kim