Thursday, February 19, 2009

General Update

Well, as of Monday I can drive now. I'm thrilled! I was able to drive into my appointment on Tuesday without any issues. Right now my biggest obstacle is walking for an extended period of time. Thankfully the local grocery store is pretty small :)

Also we had a minor emergency Monday. I checked on the girls that morning and Bambi had something wrong with her stomach. I knew she had a very small hernia, but I had discussed it with my vet and he agreed that it was ok to wait and see if it would close up on it's own since it was so small. Well on Monday morning she looked like a pregnant mare with edema. I haltered her and tried to feel around on it, but I just don't have the strength yet and I just couldn't get a good feel of her on my own. I worried that because of her terrible start in life that her abdominal muscles had given way and I'd have to rush her to K-State for surgery. I know this is rare, but can happen, so I called my regular vet who of course was out of town. Thankfully Dr David in Drexel was available and agreed he should come out right away--if her abdominal wall was broken she'd have to be rushed right in before the intestine started dying off. So we got her checked and he assured me it was just edema--she probably got kicked. I was so relieved! I felt kind of silly, but I didn't care--I'd rather call a vet out for nothing than to have risked her life not knowing. Bambi is doing well--the edema got worse before it got better but as it did I could clearly see it was indeed edema. Whew! At least I know a good back-up vet now!

The only other excitement I had this week was while trailer shopping. I happened upon an ad for a free TB mare. I don't know why I clicked on it, but I did--I guess since the ad was from Texas I assumed I'd be "safe." LOL.! The mare is in DREXEL--practically in my backyard! It's truly a very small world. Her name is Treasure Riva and she's a 12 year old appendix quarter mare, 16.1H, bay, by a multiple world champion producer and out of a mare that earned top honors at both World and Congress and also produced winning foals. Treasure's full brother has almost 1000 performance points. Here is Treasure (not a great picture but you can still see she's a hell of a mare):

And her foals:

Yes, I wanted to stay out of breeding. Yes, I had no desire to get a broodmare. Yes, I am a fool. LOL

It's so hard to turn down a mare of this caliber, who is bred to the hilt for a genre that still SELLS horses. The deal is still pending, but it appears Treasure will be in my barn very soon. She may be leased out this first year. If not I doubt I will breed her this year. I'll wait until next so I can get my facilities properly set up. Her first foal for me will be by Diesel, in a partnership with Diesel's owner:

Her top winning foal was by a son of Artful Move, so this is a proven cross we hope to be successful with again. Be sure to visit Diesel's site at Watch his videos--his movement will blow you away!!!

One day I'll breed her to Eddie for a top all-round, but for now I want to concentrate on showing his babies that I do have. I'm also a step closer to getting a trailer, so I am really looking forward to getting these kids out to the local PAC shows we have around here and see how we do. Maybe if all goes well I might sneak in a breed show or two before the 5-star....

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