Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visiting Treasure and Co.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Treasure and her family. It was so nice to meet Ed Smith and see his high-quality, well-cared for horses. Unfortunately the best picture I had of Treasure somehow got erased, but here is her daughter Paddy:

I wanted to take them all home they were all so lovely, but when I got home I realized that my simple facilities could not possible be safe enough for these hot-blooded mares, so I decided to pass along this wonderful opportunity to my good friend Kristi Van Etten (owner of Artful Magnitude). While I would have been honored to have had the opportunity own such an amazing mare, it's important to realize one's limitations. Between my injury and my modest facilities, I need to stick with my nice calm little home-grown babies. Kristi will take these girls much further than I ever could, and hopefully once she gets moved I can come see Treasure and Paddy and watch as they produce amazing foals by Diesel!!

I also got to visit JR, a 17H gelding son of Artful Move that Ed had raised from a foal. I loved this guy!

He is SUCH a cutie!! If I were a better rider I'd have taken him home in a heartbeat! As it is I will need to put off breaking Paula out and probably won't be able to really ride well for a year. The lingering effects of my injury has made me realize I will have to do things differently for quite sometime--I'm having hay delivered and stacked for me, I have hired a farrier to take care of my trimming for me, and my dad and friends have graciously offered to help me out around the farm as I improve my facilities.

I met a lady at the feed store the other day--she saw I was buying youth feed and began asking me questions about foaling out, etc. She was very nice--helped me load up my bags of feed and you can tell she really cared about her horses and was trying to learn as much as she could. She told me I was really lucky to "live this lifestyle" and you know what, she was right!!! I am so incredibly blessed!! I have a lovely little place in the country with a gorgeous view, a great job that enables me to pay the bills and a little extra for my horse activities, and I have such a nice little herd of horses to play with, show, and overall have a wonderful time! I really am lucky!

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