Sunday, February 1, 2009


JJ, pictured above, is by my stallion Hustlers Fabulous Too and out of Solomons Reward "Sully," a very well bred mare (dau of top-5 world son of Sonnys Securitee, out of a Weiscamp mare). JJ was born on April 1st, which is hard to imagine as everyone describes him as a "moose." He's fairly tall, but wider than anyone's yearlings who have seen him in person. He's a giant, but so far seems to be a gentle one. JJ had to be dropped off at my friend Darlene's house due to my back problems. Her daughter Stana is so incredibly kind to be working with JJ while I heal. They could certainly just have dropped him off in a pen and left him but they're taking the time to halter break and break him to lead--I just can't thank Stana and Darlene enough for all their help. I also want to sincerely thank Vicki Morgan in Venus, TX, for giving me JJ and taking such wonderful care of Eddie while he was at her place, and for giving Sully the home she truly deserves.

Sully is an amazing mare--she was at death's door when she was found by kind hearted lady in southern Missouri who knew her breeding told the story that Sully's situation couldn't. Sully was in a kill buyer's feedyard, scheduled for slaughter. Sully was in terrible condition when she found her--I can only imagine as when I came to get her just a week later she was still so very skinny and had the worst case of rainrot I had ever seen--and it was January!! Here is a picture of Sully the day after I brought her home:

It was certainly hard to see the diamond in this rough. It was apparent she had had a very hard life. Scars covered her head and back legs. I was told by her former owners that she was mean and a kicker, but what I found was a mare who thought she could get her way by idle threats--I ignored them and she soon discovered I was not going to hurt her and since then she couldn't have been more gentle and cooperative. She's an incredibly smart mare and I have tremendous respect for her, to have gone through everything she did and still be so smart, so sweet, and just retain so much personality. After only 5 months of proper care here is how she looked:

I'ts hard to believe it's the same horse. It's also hard to believe that only 2 years after I picked her up, looking the way she did, that I'd now have her colt, who is a "moose" of a yearling. JJ will be registered in APHA, AQHA, and PtHA and shown as much as my pocketbook allows :)

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