Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Update--MRI Results

Not mine, but basically the same thing I have...

I tried to email everyone who has been so incredibly supportive during my convalescence, but I thought I'd make a quick post just in case I missed anyone. I got my MRI results yesterday and I have two disks out in my lower back--one is herniated onto the two major nerves in my right leg and the other disk is completely blown, pressing against my spine and also against the two major nerves in my right leg. My doctor said a piece was also broken off although I'm unsure of exactly what that entails specifically. Usually surgery is the first option in this case but I am making steady recovery with my current course of treatment, so as long as that keeps maintaining a positive momentem, I'll stay the course. I will have to make some significant lifestyle changes, including slimming down and building up my core strength and flexibility. These are all changes for the good, though--this just means I have much more incentive to take better care of myself! Besides, I'm sure Paula will be happier if I'm a little lighter in the saddle when I break her out in the spring :)

I can't say enough how much I appreciate everyone's help during this trying time. Dar. who traveled 10 hours round trip to bring me a walker, help me into the doctor during the worst of it, and haul water for me, getting it from the next town over because Drexel's water station was froze up! On top of all that she also took in my colt that was being delivered from Texas, and not only boarded him for me but also halter broke and got him used to wire fencing so I wouldn't have any issues with him when he gets home! To my dad for coming up 2 weekends in a row, hauling water, taking me to my appointments, stocking my fridge and buying what seemed like a year's worth of dogfood so I wouldn't have to lift anything for a long time! LOL! To my sister who took her last day of PTO to help me that first awful day I was on the floor and felt completely helpless. To Mo for taking in Laramie when I couldn't come get her and making sure she's so safe and sound. To Kim and Vicki for all their kind words and support. To Angela for offering her days off in the next coming weeks to be there for me. To my work--I think I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a great job, surrounded by great people who genuinely care about me, are letting me put in hours from home and even offering to come get me to go to my appointments (100 mile round trip). All my life I've known that everything happens for a reason, and I think things like this happen so a person realizes how lucky they are to be surrounded by such great people, true friends, and I am DAMN lucky to have the job I do, especially in this economy.

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