Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Day!!

Whew! Today was NUTS! First thing this morning, vet was out to do Paula's teeth, geld Fabian and extract his wolf teeth, then I took a short roadtrip to pick up my latest project (details coming soon, after dinner LOL), stopped by my vet's for meds, then came home, got my project settled in, hauled water, then my hay guys called and were only a couple miles away (no one said they'd be here today! LOL), so they got all the hay unloaded for me, went and got groceries and hauled more water, finished feeding horses and giving project final bit of her 3 course meal! LOL

The good news is I feel GREAT! I looked up some stretches earlier and did them this morning and I think they helped a lot. I had a terrible night last night--very little sleep and a lot of pain, so the fact that I did all this today and am feeling better than ever is a great sign I think!!

I still need to feed the dogs and get my dinner going, so I will post my latest project in a few!

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