Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Such a Perfect Day....

I had the camera out to snap pics of Samson, so I got a few of the horses as well. It was such a beautiful day I couldn't resist trying to do a little grooming. My poor, neglected kids look so scruffy and dirty!! LOL

Here's JJ and Laramie, still joined at the hip:

Baby and Bambi before their grooming session:

Poor Fabian, all set for his "brain surgery" tomorrow. I am hoping once we take care of those hormones that he'll have some sort of grown spurt soon....right now I call him my "frankenhorse" as none of his parts seem to go together! LOL Poor kid--he's going to make a fabulous gelding, though (and you couldn't ask for a calmer, more easy-going temperament)!!

Here's Paula, aka "pasture hog." She's going out into her own pen soon. She steals the baby's feed, and that's no good. She's doing great now so she doesn't need all those extra calories! :)

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