Monday, February 9, 2009

Colton (aka "Ringo")

Sandra sent me some pictures yesterday from her phone of Colton's (most of my friends still know him as Ringo) lesson under saddle. Here are the pics she sent along with the notes:

"Isn't he pretty?"

"He's so awesome!!"

As Colton's breeder, I can't tell you how much it means to me to have my horses' current owners keep in touch, email and text pictures to me and share even things some people might think are mundane, like a training session. Seeing Colton happy, healthy, and well cared for is exactly the kind of life I had hoped for when I bred these foals! Sandra has 3 of Eddie's foals (Colton "The Fabulist" 2007 APHA/AQHA/PtHA sorrel overo stallion; "Benz" 2008 APHA Overo Stallion out of a HYPP N/N granddaughter of Impressive; and "Bambi" 2008 APHA Overo Filly out of Truly Apparent, the amazing mare I had to euthanize late last year). Sandra keeps in touch and always tells me how much she loves her "Eddie babies." I am as proud as could be, both of these babies and they have found such a wonderful, knowledgable home!! By the way, Sandra is not riding Colton--she's just sitting on him and getting him used to the weight. She is an incredibly knowledgable, ethical trainer and I would trust any of my horses in her care.

Colton is also a good lesson in finding the right home for a horse. I could have sold him several times over, but chose to give him to Sandra for a couple of reasons. First, at the time, I had no place to keep him and I needed to place him quickly. I wanted him to have a job and that is exactly what Sandra is doing with him. I also gave him to Sandra because unfortunately Colton is cryptorchid, so while we're waiting for him to descend, if he does develop any stallion behavior Sandra is a knowledgable horseperson who can properly train a stallion. She also knows what is involved in gelding a cryptorchid colt.

I couldn't have stumbled across a better owner for Colton!! I feel so fortunate that the majority of people I meet are responsible, loving, caring horseowners like Sandra and her family. I also feel fortunate that Eddie's babies have typically been so loved and revered as I had hoped. My goal was always to breed quality foals that people would enjoy and I have to say my wonderful boy Eddie certainly has held his end of the bargain :)

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