Sunday, February 8, 2009

Transformation part II

I've been lax in recognizing the second amazing transformation we've had, not because it's any less amazing but because photos cannot capture what a lovely filly Baby has turned out to be, but I will try.... Little Baby was essentially thrown away for no reason other than pure greed. She was thrown away by the same man who threw away RT Social Sunny and ruined her life, may she rest in peace. He's the same man that left Eddie to die when he shattered his pastern bone. In a way, Baby's survival from this man's (I use the term loosely) greed makes her family! It was only by way of a miracle that our good friend Darlene came to Baby's rescue. Here is what poor Little Baby looked like when she picked her up:

This is Baby today (or as of right before I killed my back LOL):

You can see she's almost as tall as the other foals now, and she's filled in considerably. Of course new pics will be posted of all when they've shed, but I think even in their winter woolies it's obvious that with just a little bit of proper care, this filly is certainly worth so much more than her first owner thought of her!! Thanks so much to Darlene for letting me adopt Little Baby. She is truly a member of our family :)

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