Thursday, August 26, 2010

American Moose

Yesterday I got the email from UC Davis with Moose's test results. He is positive for lethal white, so he will not be going to France.

I'm not disappointed at all. Actually, I surprised myself: I'm pretty darned thrilled about it! Money comes and goes, but a great horse like this is truly rare. I had looked briefly for a replacement for Moose in case he did sell, but I just couldn't find a horse that I thought could be so competitive in both halter and performance classes like I believe Moose will be. He will be an incredible show gelding, and I'll burn lots of calories trying to keep him clean. It's a perfect match!

And honestly, between you and me, I love this guy. I really do. He's already a part of the family.

So, show season is on for next year: Paula in riding events and Moose will be shown in halter and lungeline. I'll keep working with Bambi and Fabian, but they're my pinch hitters :)

Heureux que Moose seront logés en Amérique,
~Le Désordre


Kate said...

Sorta nice that he'll be around - and you're sure right about having to work to keep all that white clean!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

He's such a pretty boy, I'm glad he's staying home :)

Jessie McCandless said...

Kate--yes, I'm very happy to be able to keep him around. The money would have been nice, but he would be very hard to replace. He has an excellent temperment and mind, too--he's going to be a very fun show gelding :)

Jennifer--thanks!! I'm very happy, too. He's really the best colt I could have ever hoped for :)