Saturday, August 14, 2010

Early Morning Edition

The last couple of days have been a little rough, but I'm hoping this weekend will really make up for it. I have a full day planned, my health will soon return (although there's something to be said for not being able to eat. Ha!), and the we have a cool front coming in!

I have to say, if I never see the thermostat over 100 degrees again, I will be a happy camper the rest of my days.

So, while I wait for my tummy to chill the heck out, here's what's going on today at the ranch!

Moose will be weaned.


Yes, time to say goodbye to momma, Moose. You're a big boy now. A very big boy.

He will soon say goodbye to something else as well. Actually a couple of things, when the weather cools. But don't let him know yet. Shhhhhh.....

(Remember back last year, when the ranch was testicle-free for a few hours? I intend on making this a more permanent situation starting this fall. Don't tell Russell, either. His "brain surgery" is next month :)

Boys: can't live with them, but can definitely live without a part of them :)

Fabian will start his power pac today.

What's that?

In case you don't have horses, or are new to horses, a power pac is a 5-day continous high-dosage of fenbendazole (brand names Safeguard and Panacur) dewormer which is designed to clean those pesky critters out of a horse purty darned well. Fabian just hasn't been thriving like he should, so I'm doing a little extra for him.

It's difficult to overdose a horse with fenbendazole--it's fairly safe. Not true with other deworming classes, so please do your own research and talk to your vet--never make assumptions as some wormers can be deadly if not carefully used. A power pac is actually sold through both companies in a package deal of five wormers. I just get the extra large tube of cattle wormer fenbendazole and dose it myself to save money, but if you aren't experienced, just go ahead and spend the $60 to get the kit. Better safe than sorry!

This morning I'll go for my run. If you've been following me on twitter or watching the feed to the left, you've probably seen me talk about it a few times (aka, "I'm going to die.")

Although the picture above is not representative of me. There are no stock images of fat people running.

OK, that's a lot closer.

Except I'd never be caught dead in a tank. My arms are too jiggly.

I've really surprised myself. Even in highschool, at a svelt 98 pounds (I'm 5'8" tall), spending my summers walking across town to go spend the entire day with my horses, I've never been able to jog a whole mile. I'm just not a runner. In track, I did the high jump (long legs) and the long jump (long legs).

Over the years I've tried to run because of the health benefits. I hated every step, so I'd stop.

But now, it's as much as an emotionally cleansing exercise as it is physical exercise. I get out there on the road, with my music (turned down so I can hear around me for safety, of course) and it's incredibly peaceful, with the sun rising over the corn, birds chirping, and the cool breeze. Perhaps it's because I love where I live, and enjoy more than anything else being outside here, that I actually look forward to running every morning (or almost every morning).

Then when I get done I feel exhilarated. Tired, but exhilarated. I feel cleansed, stronger, more powerful. I feel a lot better during the day, when I'm having to sit down in a chair, in my office for eight hours or more. I feel energized and healthier.

And I think I'm getting healthier, too, and it's starting to show. I've been so frustrated that my bathroom scale won't budge, but I decided I'd treat myself to a little bit of shopping last night (needed to get my Clinique sunscreen anyway) and low and behold half of the shirts I tried on were too big! I was so happy to have to go out and get a smaller size to try.

Then I saw this top. There was only one left (I only shop the sale racks), and it was a size smaller than I usually get even though I've lost a pant size. I'm consistently one size larger on top. It's the shoulders. I could have been a linebacker. Anyway, I fell in love with this top, but passed it by at first. There was no way it would fit me.

After trying on several other items and finding them too large, I decided what the hay, I'd try on the smaller shirt. Worst case scenario would be that it wouldn't fit.

Actually, worst case scenario would be that it would be too small and I'd get stuck in it. Then I'd have to have the sales lady peel it off my skin. Then I'd be embarassed that (1) I attempted to put on something that small and (2) that a perfect stranger would have to see me mostly naked.

But I was absolutely thrilled that not only did the worst case scenario not happen, but the top actually fits!! I immediately purchased and framed it.

Just kidding on that last part. I intend to wear this baby. Not with white pants, though. I'm not the kind of girl that can wear white, and not spill on it. Another bonus was it was regular $88. I got it for $26!

I also bought Russell a new collar last night. He had grown out of his baby collar. This one is a touch big, but he'll fill it out soon. It's red (he looks good in red) and has little faux-spikes on it. He's stylish and manly all at the same time. And at $2.99, it was another notch on my bargain belt.

I have no picture of him with his new collar, though. He won't hold still long enough for it to not come out a blur. Maybe later....

I suppose it's time to put my plans for the day into action!

Burn'n daylight now,


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