Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday Night

Monday night I actually got another thing checked off from this weekend's list, despite it being 150 degrees out again.

You think I'm kidding....

Actually, it was "only" 106 on my car's temp gauge on the way home. We must have had a cold front come through.

I thought first I'd feature the fence that caused me so much grief Sunday evening:

It doesn't look like much, but I don't think I'll ever quite forgive it. I mean, forget it.

Even Sophie and Russell were wore out, and they stayed inside, in the air conditioning yesterday!

Russell did try to help me out some last night.

Russell, whatcha doing? That's my leadrope, kid.

Like any puppy, he lacks focus, though, and soon he's off following Sophie to see what kind of shenanagans they can get themselves into.

I was finally able to work with Fabian some. I got him clipped up and he was absolutely wonderful. He reminds me a lot of Eddie, the more I'm around him. Just like Eddie, Fabian doesn't want to be babied, but he listens to every word you say and really takes it all in. I think we're going to get along swimmingly....

I got Paula trimmed, too, but Bambi just couldn't wait her turn.

She insisted on being prettied up, too. Since she's such a doll, I thought I'd try to clip her for the first time without a halter on.

She did wonderfully! Not too many horses out there that you can take clippers to out in an open field without even a rope around their necks. She just stood quietly and let me trim her up. Part of it is she's Eddie's kid (they are all pretty easy to clip), and the other part is that I taught her to accept the clippers the way I like to. There's just something to be said about getting to start your own horses on everything, isn't there? No bad habits to fix, no "issues" coming in. It's pretty darned nice :)

Fabian is getting over some of his earlier issues. Even horses from the same bloodlines can have completely different personalities. Fabian isn't a pocket horse like his sisters, but he likes to be talked to like he's a human. He just soaks up every word.

While I didn't get to raise him, I did have him before and I'm very glad to have him home now. He's actually kind of a cute little mover, too, so we'll see how things go--he might have some open shows in his future!

Those bumps under his jaw are actually scars from the strangles epidemic we had in Missouri last year. I can't believe they scarred--so odd! Poor kid!

Then it was feeding time at Tara...or Rose Valley.

Paula is resembling a performance horse more and more everyday. Even when she trots up to get her food she stays so nice and collected, slow-legged, and balanced. Getting this girl in the show ring next year is of most importance....

Bambi decided it was time for a little nosh was well.

Don't you just hate it when your tail gets caught between your butt cheeks?

Horses are prone to wedgies, too.

I love this girl. I don't really need her, except she might have a really nice foal for me one day, but I couldn't stand to let her go. She and Paula are my girls. I adore them....

Bambi really gets into her food.

Charlie says it's time to go in and feed him as well.

Swine animals.

At your service,

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