Friday, August 13, 2010

Kansas Translation Guide

Having grown up in Kansas I really don't think twice when I hear some of these phrases, but when I got off the farm, I soon learned that in many ways, Kansas is like it's own country.

For example, I regularly use the word "supper" when I refer to the evening meal. Then I get made fun of.

Apparently "dinner" is the proper word for the evening meal in the rest of the world. But to me, "dinner" is a formal lunch. When grandma says we're going to have Christmas "dinner" it's always at noon. Always. Thanksgiving dinner is also at noon. If you sit down to have a big meal at noon, it's dinner. In the evening, the meal is called "supper."

Grandma got the memo. The rest of the world didn't.

Also, this isn't a couch. It's a divan.
Although you'd never sit on the divan to eat dinner. You'd have lunch on the divan. And dinner isn't at 12:05. It's at 12. Sharp.

Call me anything but late for supper,


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