Monday, August 23, 2010

"I'm Alive!" (aka, "I'm not old.")

Yes, I'm back. I'm alive!

After a whirlwind of a week, I'm back to blogging. It has certainly been an eventful and memorable week!

First, garage sale was a smashing success! Years ago I held a garage sale at our home in Tonganoxie and it was an abysmal flop, so I was a little hesitant to try one again. Well, between properly advertising in our local newspaper, putting up signs and a little organization it went very well indeed. I got rid of almost everything I wanted to, and a short trip to the Goodwill will take care of the rest!

While at Dad's house for the garage sale, I got my laundry done (not having laundry facilities is actually sometimes a good thing--I feel like a college kid taking advantage of any trip to her parent's house she can :)

Then I got an interesting email from a gentleman in France. He feels that Moose would be a perfect stallion prospect for his herd of splashed-overo horses, so we've made a tentative deal for Moose to travel overseas via a transporter in Quebec.

I stress tentative because Moose is being tested for lethal white. If he's positive, I doubt that he'll go. If he's negative, of course we still have to conclude our dealings, and as any experienced horse person knows, a lot can happen between now and then. So, it's sort of an exciting time right now. If Moose goes to France, it will be a sale, and I'll be down one less horse to feed, plus a friend's stallion (whom I'm a big fan of) will be promoted overseas. If the sale falls through, then I'll still have this absolutely wonderful horse to show. It's a very nice position to be in, especially after all the bad luck our little ranch has had over the years. However this all turns out, its certainly an exciting time for us.

Then this weekend, in addition to the garage sale, the rental mower was finally repaired and Dad helped me get all caught up on the farm's main yard work. We even got the horses' pens mowed and I trimmed along the fenceline everywhere, so other than some weeding and some work directly behind the house, things are looking good on my little farm.

Although I insist that I'm not getting any older, my dad insisted that we go out to celebrate my birthday yesterday (my birthday isn't for a while yet, but he won't have off work to go do anything). So we traveled to Wichita, went out to eat and went to the movies and saw 'The Other Guys.' I was a bit skeptical but it actually was the funniest movie I've seen in a very long time.

So now I've just got a few things to get in order to start preparing the place for winter, and a couple of other administrative items to get myself into school (apparently you have to offer your right arm and left leg to be able to get a second degree). Soon I'll be traveling to Colorado as well, to see family and take a nice little vacation.

I haven't been to Colorado since my brother's wedding two years ago, and that was marred from the sudden news that my dear mare had been dead for two weeks and not sure if I was going to get back in time to save Paula (which I barely got there in time, thank goodness). Before that, I can't even remember.... It's certainly been forever and a day since I got to go to Estes Park (pictured above), hike the trails in the Rocky Mountain National
Park, or drive up Devil's Gulch Road. I'm also planning on seeing the King Tut exhibit in Denver. Hopefully I'll get to see a lot of family as well, including my "little" brother who is almost 16 years old now.

OK, I just officially felt old.

By the way, I've decided I'm not getting any older, so this isn't a birthday trip. It's just a regular ole vacation. For regular not-so-ole me.

Last night, the waiter called me "Miss" rather than "Ma'am." I promptly doubled his tip. Dad promptly rolled his eyes.

Forever young at heart,

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