Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MBIA (Missing Blogger in Action...or Inaction)

I decided over the weekend to turn my computer off. Then I didn't want to turn it back on. It was really nice--it didn't call to me. I didn't feel obligated to answer emails or follow up with everyone on Facebook. I didn't have to fight with my Vista operating system, pull out my hair and scream in unadulterated agony when it froze up time and time again.

In case you didn't hear, I have computer issues. I have other issues, too, but we've got plenty of time to talk about that later.

Hello? Is this thing on? *tap, tap*

However, this all isn't to say that I didn't miss my little blog. So without further ado (and I apologize for the previous unneccessary ado), here's what's happening:

Saturday I went to Oklahoma and picked up my horse trailer. When I crossed over the state line, I thought I got a flat on my truck. It really felt like it. As you know, I'm quite experienced with flat tires, so I should know, right?

Well, it wasn't a flat. It was the road--a very, very bad road. Oklahoma doesn't seem to feel the need to keep pavement intact, apparently. This is the road:

It doesn't look bad, I know, but consider this. This is Hwy 281--a major north/south highway. A highway. The little blacktop that I take as a shortcut over to Darlene's place is in better condition, and wider! It doesn't have semi trucks going up and down it all day, like this highway apparently does.

I will complain sometimes (shocking, I know) about our Kansas taxes, but all I have to do is go driving in another state to realize there's a reason why our roads are so nice. Then I decide I guess it's sorta kinda worth it.

I survived the trek and met up with the owner of the trailer (she is really the best person I have done business with in a very long time--if you're ever looking for a Havanese or Yorkie pup contact me and I'll put you in touch with her). I survived Hell Highway to make it back into Alva, where I stopped for lunch.

Why don't we have Taco Mayo in Kansas? That chain is almost worth the treacherous drive into Oklahoma.

I said, almost.

Anyway, coming out I had to take the first picture of my new "rig." I know it's not fancy or expensive or spectacular, but it's all mine and I couldn't be happier. Really!!

Unfortunately on the way back my truck got a little warm. It didn't overheat but I had to watch it closely, so some radiator work might be in order before hauling next summer. At least I found out before I was stuck on the side of the highway with horses-in-tow!

Friday evening I had cleared out an area to park the trailer. One day I'll get a carport for it to keep it covered, but it did come with it's own specially-made tarp/cover so it will still be somewhat protected from the elements.

Moose is diggin it....

Speaking of Moose, I didn't do much with him, but he's all I have pictures of right now. They're off my phone, so they're uber crappe, if you'll excuse my German and French.

At least the grass has done really well back there this year. Not having twenty horses on it really helps! With horses, less is truly more.

Sidenote--did you know in Tombstone, Arizona there is a man buried in Boothill Graveyard named Lester Moore? I have a picture of the headstone somewhere, but here's the inscription:

"Here lies
Lester Moore
Four Slugs
From a 44
No Les
No More"

And there's your useless information fun fact of the day. You can thank me later.

I really have trouble getting decent pictures of Moose. He's so gorgeous, balanced, huge, wide, and confirmationally correct, but I am so very talented with a camera that I have the ability to make him look like a wreck.

This one isn't so bad....

Anyway, you'll have to take my word for it--he is one handsome dude. I've also kicked things into gear and started riding Paula again. Girlfriend rocks. She doesn't forget a thing. We just both need to get into shape so we can fully utilize her talent.

And now, since I have the trailer, we have officially run out of excuses.

Lets get this party started,

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Kate said...

Looks like a fine trailer and I expect you'll get a lot of good use out of it. Moose is a beauty, even in cellphone pics!