Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Rest is for Wusses

Yesterday was a gitter-done day:

1. Moose is basically halter broke now. He leads and I can put the halter on him without much ado.

So yesterday I put his fly mask on for the first time. He was pretty good about it. Even the velcro sound didn't bother him (which usually spooks the horses the first couple of times). He's a good boy!

B. I got new tires put on my car, washed it and got the oil changed. Do I hear "Roadtrip Time?!"

Russell and Sophie decide to run into it a few times while playing, just to make sure the tires are dog-proof.

3. Thanks to my sister, barn-kitty has a name! Meet Milton.

I shall love him and hug him and squeeze him and pet him and call him George Milton.

4. I decided now that Milton is somewhat tamed, I'd let him out of his cage and get used to being around in the house.

However, having a puppy and a kitten in the house leads to a somewhat chaotic environment.

Milton's not one bit afraid of Russell. In fact, most of the time he's the instigator.

See, if you floss way back here, your breath will be much better....

5. I clipped and washed ALL of the dogs.

I gave Russell a schnauzer-type cut (or tried to, anyway). Sophie thankfully doesn't need much clipping. Charlie got his usual three-hour grooming session. Everyone looks so purty now.

It's quitten-time at Tara,

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Sydney_bitless said...

Cute little Milton. I love when cats and dogs can play it's so cute.