Friday, August 6, 2010

Life Is Good

Life is good. Life can be funny, too. For example, by the time you are about ready to pull your hair out in handfuls because someone pooed all over your day, less than 12 hours later people come out of the woodwork to support you, you realize you have great things going on and then your dad comes by and takes you to lunch.

Not speaking specifically of any particular instance of course. *cough*

Life is good, though. It can be tough, relentless, harsh, and unforgiving (cite: last ten years), but life is good. Sometimes you have to really look for the good things. Other times they just appear. Once in a great while they surround you.

I'm in awe that I'm currently in the midst of the latter right now. The bitter side of me wants to ask "how can this be?" but the optimistic side of me has the bitter side bound and gagged. The stubborn side of me provided the duct tape--I'm determined to enjoy every minute of this rare phase.

And don't even ask--you don't want to know how many sides there are.

Life is good. I go get my trailer tomorrow. I've wanted this trailer for centuries (based off feelings, not actual time--I'm old but not that old). It's perfect. It's fabulous. It's the wrong color, but thats ok.

Life is good. I miss the rain, but since its stopped raining I don't have to mow much. What I've cut down in recent weeks has stayed down. I get to play with me horses now. I can get to finally start back into training Paula. I can finally pry my rotund backside from the bright yellow seat of my John Deere.

Ms. Grey is bored. I threw an elm branch I had cut off a tree into her pen last night (her and Babs love to eat the leaves). It landed on her back and she didn't even move. I guess she's broke :)

And she wasn't amused.

Life is good. The boys are behaving themselves. Moose digs attention. Russell seems to have finally figured out the whole housebreaking thing. Charlie is surprisingly spry and active lately. Fabian's back hooves are infected (how? I have no clue), but he's on antibiotics now and I'm working hard at getting him healthy. In any case Fabian is fabulous, too. He's a sweetheart.

That's Moose as a newborn munchkin. Wasn't he cute?!

Life is good. I didn't do anything to garner some good luck, but I'm sure as heck going to appreciate it while it's here!

Your glass-is-half-full sorta gal,

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