Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian

During my visit to Colorado I plan on attending the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Museum of Natural History.

In about the third grade I became obsessed with Egyptian history. I swear, if it wasn't for the horses, I'd be in the Valley of the Kings digging up some long-forgotten shards of pottery right now. I'm not sure why it's always fascinated me so, but over the years I've coped with my passion in a variety of odd ways:

1. When I was little my parents drug my entire family to Denver to see the Ramses Exhibition. Not sure my siblings appreciated it, but I sure did.

2. I had an Egyptian-themed bathroom. I will again (I still have all the decor).

3. The top item on my bucket list is to see the sunrise over the Great Pyramids at Giza.

4. I have an entire Mead notebook filled with Egyptian-themed drawings from grade school.

5. I can still name most of the main Egyptian gods and tell you the story behind them. For example, Osiris, lord of the underworld, was put back together by his lovely wife Isis after his brother Seth chopped up his body into a fourteen pieces and scattered them up and down the nile.

Isn't that a lovely story?

6. I tested out of 8th grade English so I could take "Advanced Archeology."

7. When I watch "The Mummy" I get mad about how inaccurate a lot of the history is, but thankfully Brendan Fraser's physique more than makes up for it....

8. People ask me where I'd like to travel to. One of my answers is the temple at Abu Simbel. Then I get weird looks, or just silence. Then I proceed to tell them that it is an Egyptian temple honoring Ramses II and his favorite queen Nefertari and it was relocated in the 1960's due to a dam. Then I try to explain that I'd have to be there 60 days before or after the Winter Solstace so I could see the light event on the inside of the temple (alignment with the sun to shine upon the far inside statues).

Then the people just shake their heads and walk away. I have no idea why.

9. In my community college honor's art class we built an Egyptian Temple. We had our photo in the paper and everything.

10. I'm going to this exhibit. Enough said.

All the cops in the donut shop say...



Sydney_bitless said...

I went and seen it but when it was in Toronto, same exhibit though. It's more or less some important pharo's statues and a very select few pieces of relics from tut's tomb. No mummies or dead things D: still worth it to go see it. Don't touch the exhibits, alarms will go off. They went off like crazy from dumb people trying to touch the stuff.

Kate said...

I got a chance to take an Egyptian art course in college - now that was wonderful. Enjoy your trip - I've always been fascinated by things Egyptian, too. We lived in Boston for a while, and their art museum has a wonderful Egyptian collection, if you get there sometime.