Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Genghis Moose

Moose is a bit of a handful at times. Actually, he's fairly good at destroying entire continents, if the mood strikes him.

Parental warning: this particular post may be too violent for young eyes, or young puppy eyes, for that matter.

Worry not--Russell was shielded from the violence.

First, Genghis Moose eyes his prey.

He hides his intent by first playing with the puppies.

Then he slowly approaches the target (aka Fabian).

He sizes him up...

...and approaches in stealth mode.

Then...he STRIKES!

However, Ghengis Moose did not count on a counterattack!

So, he had to retreat and reassess the situation.

It's all about the strategy, man.

He waits until Fabian is exposed and then he moves in for the kill...

He goes for the throat. There will be no survivors!

No survivors!

OK, there might be survivors, but they will be thoroughly unhappy!

Or at the very least, the survivors will be minorly inconvenienced!!

Ha ha! None shall pass!

I said, none shall pass!!

OK, you can pass.

But Mom shall not pass!!

Eh, nevermind. Break time!

Dude, Mom says I can come back out and play in an hour.

An hour later....

Oh, Fabian!!!

I am Moose Man the destroyer!!

Don't worry, Fabian was rescued soon after this last shot. He made me promise never to subject him to this brat ever again. I might or might not keep that promise.

Ever the partner in crime,

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Sydney_bitless said...

LOL poor Fabian subjected to the same terror I am sure he gave to another horse at Mooses age.