Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking Moose

No, not that Moose. And I don't even want to know how that one's broken!

This Moose! My Moose :)

OK, here's my story (and I'm sticking to it):

When I got Moose, I asked to have his momma and him both come to my place so I could go ahead and get him halter broke before he got too big. Well, when he arrived, I had no idea...I can a two-month old foal even get that big?!

Thankfully my friend had the good sense to put a halter on him in the trailer, before he even had a chance to escape it's confinement.

So for about a week, Moose was halter broke.

I even led him around a few times, just teaching him to yield to pressure, etc. But then I got worried that he'd catch it on something, so one day, I took it off.

And I haven't been able to get a halter on him since.

Well, except for Thursday night. I did finally figure out how to wrangle a Moose. Thankfully he is friendly and he's more of a lover than a fighter, so all it took was getting a thick, cotton lungeline around his neck so that if he did try to escape I still had a good hold on him, but one that wasn't going to hurt him in any way.

So Thursday night Moose and I finally conquered the ticklishness of his nose and got his halter on.

Once it was on, he led very well. He's not against being worked with per se. He's just awfully ticklish on his nose :)

And that, my friends, is the story of how to halter break a Moose. Any questions?

Pssst. You can all wake up now.

I always like to keep my audiences riveted,

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Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

He is a big boy! Glad all went well. I remember halter breaking TB youngsters that only wanted to rear and fall over backwards. Not fun.